Widow Pensions for 2NCMI and 3NCMI

Widow's Pensions can be a very good source of information, not only about the soldier, but about his wife and possibly children. Often there were many pages of information, for then as now, the Federal Government was awash in red tape, and forms. Children's names, birthdays, marriage dates, the widow's maiden name, attorney papers filed back and forth, these are just some of the things you can find, along with information about the soldier's death. Some deaths were by hostile fire, some by disease, some by natural causes.

Some stories just defy understanding. The story of John Waldroupe is one. This is taken from page 3 of his record: The affidavit of Surg. Sams of the 2nd N.C. Mtd Inf. shows that this soldier was accidentally killed by the falling of a tree under the following circumstances. The Reg't had encamped for the night and while soldier was sleeping a tree that had caught fire fell across the body of soldier killing him instantly. That it was caused by no fault on his part.
Banks Ezekial McG(WC130882)3NCMICo A
Bivings William(WC110337)3NCMICo B
Briggs Garrett D(WC106865)2NCMICo A
Briggs Jasper(WC118481)2NCMICo A
Briggs Wilson B(WC106745)2NCMICo A
Brooks Abner(WC140180)2NCMICo C
Bryan Lewis(WC71679)2NCMICo A
Burleson Daniel W(WC140047)2NCMICo H
Capps William R(WC102673)3NCMICo C
Carter William H(WC133013)3NCMICo H
Clary John(WC119940)3NCMICo H
Clemons James(WC116590)2NCMICo A
Colwell Henry E(WC77500)2NCMICo C
Cook James H R(WC147318)2NCMICo D
Davis Minzy(WC77501)2NCMICo C
Davis Reuben H(WC88774)2NCMICo H
Davis Silas(WC90293)2NCMICo H
Drake William M(WC97130)2NCMICo F
Du Las Ki [Blank](WC134615)3NCMICo D
Ellenburg Willis(WC147437)2NCMICo C
Eller John W(WC78570)3NCMICo B
England David R(WC135267)2NCMICo H
Flinn Henry(WC86413)3NCMICo A
Fodder John(WC127708)3NCMICo D
Fox Alfred M(WC100835)2NCMICo A
Fox Lafayette(WC84602)2NCMICo B
Franks Henry(WC129245)3NCMICo C
Garren Mitchel A(WC93234)3NCMICo E
Gentry George(WC117197)2NCMICo C
Gentry George(WC80065)2NCMICo C
Gentry William(WC129907)2NCMICo E
Gillaspie Wilson(WC136947)2NCMICo F
Goforth Miles A(WC71286)2NCMICo C
Griffin Alexander(WC114115)2NCMICo C
Griffin Alexander(WC80417)2NCMICo C
Harbin Oliver N(WC108014)2NCMICo F
Harbin Oliver N(WC130250)2NCMICo F
Hendren Jesse(WC123853)3NCMICo F
Hensley Beverly(WC114601)2NCMICo E
Higgins Lucius(WC75357)3NCMICo G
Honeycutt Garrett(WC101284)3NCMICo E
Hughey Hamilton H(WC117195)2NCMICo D
Keller Nicholas(WC124660)3NCMICo F
Laws Rufus(WC139234)3NCMICo A
Lunsford Eli(WC118414)2NCMICo C
Lunsford Eli(WC71680)2NCMICo C
Maricle John E(WC128890)2NCMICo H
Mason James P(WC126429)3NCMICo I
Massey Samuel P C(WC71681)2NCMICo A
Masters Abraham(WC130570)3NCMICo F
Medlock Reuben(WC116195)3NCMICo I
Miller William(WC99489)2NCMICo D
Morrow Harrison(WC92943)2NCMICo D
Norton George(WC116196)2NCMICo E
Norton Hackney(WC129244)2NCMICo E
Norton Morris(WC127444)3NCMICo B
Norton Roderick(WC110794)2NCMICo E
Norton William(WC128420)3NCMICo G
Oter John D(WC132350)3NCMICo D
Pain James M(WC102261)2NCMICo C
Panther John S(WC139044)2NCMICo H
Patrage Colasqua(WC140002)3NCMICo D
Payne Isaiah(WC102672)2NCMICo F
Reaves James S(WC111590)2NCMICo E
Reece James M(WC141561)3NCMICo I
Rice Joseph(WC71682)2NCMICo A
Roberts George W(WC100994)2NCMICo C
Roberts William R(WC104332)3NCMICo C
Rufty Edward(WC130462)3NCMICo A
Russell Noah(WC111500)3NCMICo A
Shelton William(WC130881)2NCMICo E
Sprinkle David(WC108078)2NCMICo A
Tipton David P(WC97799)3NCMICo A
Tipton Jonathan(WC76878)3NCMICo F
Underwood George W(WC124599)2NCMICo F
Waldroupe John(WC118764)2NCMICo A
Walker James(WC119243)3NCMICo G
Wallen Hugh(WC131859)3NCMICo A
Wallin Hugh(WC126521)3NCMICo A
Ward William N(WC71683)2NCMICo B
Washington John(WC128729)3NCMICo D
West John(WC112682)2NCMICo B
White James J(WC127446)2NCMICo A
Wilson William F(WC131072)3NCMICo E
Younger Joseph H(WC114116)3NCMICo I