2nd/3rd NC Mounted Infantry
Local Enlistments

A never ending struggle seems to be getting people to look up their own histories. The only mind they can make up is their own, but to assume one knows what an ancestor was thinking or doing because they lived in a certain time or place seems to be a bit far-fetched. That mindset seems especially strong when dealing with the Civil War, and some folks are less than delighted to realize that they had ancestors that thought for themselves.

If you have an ancestor in the local area with these names, you may have links to our original regiments.

Name Rank Co. Reg Remarks
Obediah TaylorCplCo C2NCMI Joined 1/1/64 at Camp Nelson. Age 21. Cpl 4/64 Color Guard 6/65
Lanksford HugginsPvtCo F2NCMI1 Oct 1863 to 16 Aug 1865 PO Brights Creek
William G. McMurryPvtCo H2NCMI1 Dec 1864 - 16 Aug 1865
William W. GibbsPvtCo H2NCMI1 Oct 1863 to 16 Aug 1865
Thomas E. WalkerPvtCo H2NCMI7 Nov 1864 to 16 Aug 1865 PO Brights Creek
John GoingsPvt 3NCMI4/26/64 at Burnsville, 19 yrs old
Albert S. WestPvt 3NCMI3/1/65 at Knoxville, age 18 Pvt
John F. KirkendallPvtCo E3NCMI3/25/64 at Bk, age 18, Pvt, deserted 9/27/64
John F. CochranPvtCo E3NCMISep 1864 to 186?
Elias LaughterCplCo G3NCMI1 Nov 64 to 8 Aug 65
Nathan RainesPvtCo I3NCMI3/1/65 at Knoxville, age 21. Died Knoxville of Pnuemonia 8/3/65