Philip and Wilson Gillespie

Wilson and Philip were both from North Carolina but they traveled by train from Asheville into Tennessee and enlisted in Greenville*. It is also rather ironic that they both died on the same day - January 15, 1864. Phillip died at Maynardsville, TN 01/15/1864, of Dysentary, while Wilson was listed as sick at Tazewell, TN 11/24/1863 and listed as died, 01/15/1864 of Typhoid Fever.

The rifles that their family made are highly collectible and sought after today.

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Many thanks to Justin Gillespie for sharing his family information!

* NOTE: One small note on the Gillespie men taking a train to Tennessee. They couldn't have gone by train from Asheville to Greenville, TN. Closest rail line in the east ended at Camp Vance in Morganton. Limestone TN, or one of the towns in that vicinity, would have been the closest railroad to the west.